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Beach Coasters by HowlerTheEvilKitten1
Beach Coasters
Chillin' out with these beach coasters I created myself out of lollypop sticks, glue, fake gems, glue and seashells.


Also, you can buy them at my shop on Folksy;…
Shiny Blue Trinket Box by HowlerTheEvilKitten1
Shiny Blue Trinket Box
I've been busy with life, and I'm sure people have been wondering where I went (HAHAHAHAHAHA-- lol jk) SO here's the thing: I had a job at the same place 3 times over last year, all temp positions and they cannot decide whether to keep me, so I guess this time I'm out the game.

So while I had spare time last year, I bought a box, painted and decorated it - the result is what you see in the photo above. Those are glass beads I took from a cheapo necklace, where the white bits also came from so I made a bone-like chain attached to a wooden key I painted black.

If you're interesting in buying one, then go to my new shop on folksy:…
Almas the Travelling Heroine (Pokemon) by HowlerTheEvilKitten1
Almas the Travelling Heroine (Pokemon)
"Hello! My name is Almas!"
"Welcome to Slateport City! It's not my home, but I'm on a long journey just like you!"
"I'm not striving to become a Champion - I already know my strength. It's with helping people in need."
"That's why I created this team of Pokemon! Say hello to my Lunatone, Beautifly, Electrike and Delcatty!"
"Lunatone helps me with Search and Rescue at night..."
"Electrike provides electricity to stricken homes or towns..."
"Beautifly searches for the lost from the skies, and Delcatty shows her love and support to the team and to poorly people!"
"Although if I do encounter any brutes... Well, let's hope that God allows my Mega Electrike to show them mercy if they lay a finger on my precious friends."


A/N: Any suggestions on alternative names for Almas? It doesn't seem to fit...

Note: I just realised - Lunatone and Delcatty are connected to the moon. Lunatone is a crescent moon while Delcatty evolved from a Skitty with the use of a Moon Stone.

Note: Almas wears a Mega Bracelet hidden under her sleeve.

Note: I'm not a practising Muslim - so I probably made some horrible mistakes.
-Mostly hung out on tumblr (never been pissed off by so many people before, yet I'm still on that site)
-Job-searching (finished a contract on my last job)

So imagine my surprise when I had a look through my old deviations and decided to put some of them into storage until I feel like becoming a Deviant again. But only when I feel ready to do so, otherwise I'll feel sick of forcing myself to finish what I started.

Oh yeah, I got myself a copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, so imagine how happy I was when I completed it and the Delta Episode. So many originshipping hints.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I don't always go on DeviantArt, but when I do, it's to admire awesome artwork

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